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General alterations

General Cloth Alterations & Dress Alterations Services

  • Vintage clothing - take in seams, shorten and /or lengthen hems
  • Stretch fabric - T-shirts take in seams, shorten and /or lengthen hems by using a special machine
  • Manchester - shorten/alter bed sheets, table clothes, covers, blankets, napkins, towels, curtains, fitted sheets, pillow, valance covers and quilts. replace zips in sofa cushion, cushions
  • Aprons - altered, mending, shorten and /or lengthen hems
  • Sleeping bags - replace zip, restitch seams
  • Replace lining - jackets, coats, skirts, pants, dresses
  • Dress making - we make dresses, skirts, pants etc from scratch, tailored made to fit you perfectly. We also do sampling
  • Ties - including bowties
  • Linings – To line or replace lining - we can reline jackets, Coats- Long/Heavy, Vests, Skirts, Wrap skirts, Dresses, School jumpers, pants pockets in lining and etc. We can copy the old lining or make a new pattern
  • Zips - we can replace or sew in normal to invisible zips to Jackets, pants, skirts, dresses, sleeping bag cushion covers, baby suits, ski jackets, leather jackets
  • Stretch fabric, Knit wear and Sports wear - we shorten T-shirt hems, sleeves and side seams, shorten track pants, shorten all types of stretch to knit wear from hems and sleeve and etc


  • We can add and make new buttonholes
  • We can replace broken or missing jeans studs, hook and eyes, press studs, studs, eyelets, belt keepers, bra keepers
  • We can stitch labels and badges, Letters/logo
  • We can add shoulder pads or replace them
  • We can restitch or replace buttons
  • Sew on school name tags,
  • Add or replace ½ pockets bags
  • We can do lace work, stitch beads on costumes or wedding dresses and etc
  • We can add Velcro instead of button
  • We can reinforce your garments

Unstitch/torn pant- reinforce,
patch or darned

Zip- zip replaced or restitch

Torn jeans- patch or darned

Pant- replace or restitch buttons