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Ladies & men's clothing

Ladies' & Men's Clothing Alteration Services

We alter men's and ladies suits, uniforms, casual wear, business trousers, corporate wear, maternity wear, tailor made pants/trousers, suits, shirts etc.

  • Dresses - shorten and /or lengthen hems, take in side and centre back seams, replace zips, Lift shoulder seams, alter necklines, shorten straps, remove sleeves
  • Skirts - Shorten hems with or without lining, take in waist and side seams, replace zips, replace buttons and waist elastic.
  • Pants/shorts - shorten and /or lengthen hems, add/replace false hem, buttons, waist elastic, knee patches, re-do cuffs /splits/hems, take in or let out waist, add ½ pockets, gussets, saddles, replace zips, take in seams, restitch seams.
  • Jeans - Put back the original hem, take in centre back seams, mending torn areas, replace jean studs, add patches to knees
  • Suits/jackets/blazers/coats - Take in seams, replace shoulder pads, mend, shorten sleeve with or without vent, alter shoulders that are too wide.
  • Leather - replace shoulder pads, shorten sleeves and hems
  • Vest - Take in side seams, remove back ties, take in seams
  • Shirts - Take in seams, shorten hems, turn collars around, add buttonholes and buttons in collar, add darts
  • Knitwear - hand stitch holes, shorten hem or sleeve
  • Disabled wear - Take in seams, shorten sleeves, take in shoulders that are too wide, add patches, shorten and /or lengthen hems
  • Ladies'/Maternity wear - Take in seams, shorten and/or lengthen hems and sleeves, replace shoulder pads.

Men’s tailed suit pants,
jacket and shirt altered

Custom made garments
(Dressmaking and alteration)

Lose weight- can be take in